Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairing
Pipeshark Installing New Residential Sewer
Dug at the house and at the main across the street. Then with pipe bursting equipment installed a new line without digging the lawn, the driveway, the sidewalk or the street. Here the new HDPE sewer piping is being guided as it is pulled into place.
Trenchless Sewer Repairing
Pipeshark Installing New Municipal Sewer Main With Pipe Bursting
Pipeshark Upsized 300' of 6" sewer main with new 8" HDPE pipe without closing the street down.
Sewer Repairing
Replace The Pipe, Not the Lawn!
Pipeshark preparing to excavate a "receiving pit" in order to install a new sewer line from the house basement to the curb using pipe bursting. This shows some of the preparations taken to minimize damage to landscaping.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Philadelphia

Here at The Pipeshark we have been serving the greater Philadelphia area since the early 1900’s. Our family’s commitment to installing, servicing and repairing main lines and sewers is unrivaled. We are experts in the industry and are hands-down the most informative authority when it comes to all things sewer repair. As a matter of fact, most other plumbing companies will call us to get our expert opinion or hire us to do the technically difficult repairs that no one else wants to tackle.

The Pipeshark specializes in all types of sewer and pipe rehabilitation, whether for residential, commercial or municipal we provide the best trenchless sewer repair Philadelphia has to offer. Call us today! Please ask us about our customer testimonials and superior customer service and you too will see why Pipeshark is the top choice for all types of pipe repair.

We offer pipe bursting, trenchless sewer replacement, sewer and pipe camera inspections, slip lining, point repairs, pipe boring and directional drilling. If you have a problem with any size or type of pipe, then look no further than the team here at The Pipeshark.


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