Benefits of Sectional Point Repair

Sectional point repairs involve fixing a single point on a municipal pipe. Relining an entire pipe can be inefficient when just one part of the pipe has been compromised. Sectional point repairs are much more efficient than other types of repairs. Plumbing professionals are able to target the areas that need repair the most, and this means that the project can often be completed in a much shorter timeline and with fewer complications than an entire pipe relining or pipe bursting to totally replace the existing pipe.

Sectional point repairs don’t require digging

A main benefit of point repairs is the fact that they don’t require digging. The installation process is fairly simple and it protects the landscaping above the ground from damage or disruption. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses that want to ensure that foot traffic can continue. The sewer line can be repaired with minimal disruption to daily life, and there is no need to spend hours upon hours fixing landscaping and repairing the surface. This targeted method of pipe repair is often preferred for this major benefit, but there are others to consider.

The installation process is customized for each project

Since every sewer line will require a unique sectional point repair, the kit can usually be customized for that particular project. The point repair is attached to a specialized bladder, and the bladder is placed over the damaged part of the host pipe. The bladder is inflated and set in place, and during this time the resin on the outside of the bladder is cured. Prior to the installation process, the entire pipe is thoroughly cleaned, which helps to eliminate obstructions and helps the resin to adhere to the existing pipe.

Sectional point repairs can be used for several different types of pipes

Pipes that range up to around 50 inches in diameter and around 30 feet in length can be repaired using sectional point repairs. The repair only requires two small access holes to be dug, and this is a significant advantage. The resulting pipe is waterproof, seamless, resistant to many different types of damage and weather, and stronger than the existing pipe. The remainder of the existing pipe that is uncompromised is left in place, while the deteriorated or compromised sections are fixed in a cost and time efficient manner. To learn more about sectional point repairs and how they may work for your next repair project, contact a professional at Pipeshark today at 610-993-9300.