What is Slip Lining?

Slip lining is one of the first trenchless rehabilitation methods used to fix pipes that have already been installed. Slip lining involves restoring the structure of a pipeline that has already been put in place, and it involves installing a smaller pipe into an existing pipe. The smaller pipe is called the carrier pipe, while the existing pipe is called the host pipe. There can be several different materials used for slip lining, but some of the most common materials include high density polyethylene, PVC, and fiberglass reinforced pipe.

A new pipe is put in place of the older pipe

The carrier pipe has dimensions that are smaller than the host pipe which allows it to be slid into place. The lining can be installed on one specific portion of a pipe that has been damaged or it can be continual. Not every type of host pipe will work well for this type of repair technique. An ideal host pipe will be straight with minimal deformities, bends or protrusions. However, slip lining can be customized for several different types of pipes fairly easily.

The space between the carrier and host pipe is grouted

After the carrier pipe has been installed, the space between the host pipe and the carrier pipe is the grouted. There can be different purposes for doing this, such as causing the host pipe and the new pipe to act as a composite, which increases its resistance to hydrostatic loads and the ring stiffness of the pipe. Or it may simply restrain the carrier pipe. The proper application of grout is essential to ensure that the repair job performs the functions needed.

Choosing the proper grout is crucial

Selecting the proper grout and installing it can often be the most challenging part of a slip lining job. The types of grouts that are used primarily to restrain the carrier pipe and secure it in place are usually low viscosity and low strength grouts. However, grouts that link the carrier pipe to the host pipe are designed to have more compressive strength and may be higher viscosity. Grouting the carrier pipe the proper way is essential to prevent any damage to it, as the forces that the carrier pipe experiences while undergoing grouting can be substantial.

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